FAT Media rocks. That’s the simplest way to say it. I started seeing measurable results in less than two weeks of working with them. We saw a 140% increase in Google traffic which immediately resulted in increased sales. It was almost like flipping on a money switch. A money switch would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t it? FAT Media is the closest thing I’ve found.

I had a comfort level with a lot of the services that they provided, but they made executing the tasks painless. They worked with us and advised us on the best method for putting WP Site Care on the map that is the internet, and after our plan was in place, they were the driving force behind making sure that everything we laid out was done and done well.

Without the slightest hesitation I’d recommend FAT Media to anyone looking to grow their business online. They’re almost a money switch.

Ryan Sullivan WordPress Support Expert http://www.wpsitecare.com

Rob and the team at FAT Media did a fantastic job with our website. So well, in fact, that we used them to do web design for several of our clients. No other firm out there knows both proper web programming and aesthetically-pleasing web designs as well as these guys do.

Casey Case CEO of Genesis Net Development http://www.genesisnetdevelopment.com

I'm a WordPress developer and found Robert on Twitter. We traded some messages back and forth and I loved the work he had done for others. I found myself in a bind when I booked some clients but got sick for a week and fell behind. FAT Media was my first choice to bail myself out. Not only did Robert come through for me with some brilliant code, but he helped me meet my client's deadline for the project.

I also noticed that they do logo and branding for clients. After tinkering with mine for a while and not coming up with anything I liked, I sent Robert a message to see if he could help me out. BOY DID HE! The logo he created was exactly what I was looking for and has helped me get my branding in order.

Not only is Robert a brilliant coder and designer, but the accessibility he offers is something I've found to be invaluable!

Ozzy Rodriguez WordPress Developer http://www.ozzyrodriguez.com/

I first met the FAT Media team on Twitter. Robert would frequently take time to answer questions I posted and was always generous with his knowledge. When the time came that I needed help on one of my client projects, it was a no-brainer to hire Robert. He gave priority to my problem and had a solution for me the next day.

Robert's super smart -- he has great depth of knowledge not only in programming but also in business strategy. He doesn't do patch-up jobs... Robert's not happy until something is done RIGHT. I appreciated this attitude when it came to helping me solve a code problem and treating my client as if they were his own. I've since recommended Robert and the FAT Media crew to others and wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Carrie Dils Genesis Developer http://www.carriedils.com/

Fat Media ROCKS! Having an eye catching, customer friendly online web presence is imperative to the success of any business in today's market. Surely I am not telling you any news there, but is your site really what you envisioned it to be? Rob and his team at Fat Media are hands down the BEST there is in creating not only what you envision your online business to be, but also have the knowledge what needs to be done to drive traffic, implement marketing wizardry and the passion to support you in your business success!

Working in a professional capacity with some of the biggest "Business Players" in the Bay Area, I can easily state that Rob is more knowledgeable, talented and creative then most of their "full-time employed" site designers. Having Fat Media take the reigns of the site success, drive and passion makes them a significant Power House to be reckoned with and it shows in the end product, the beautiful, user and customer friendly, traffic heavy business site.

I'm very excited about what Fat Media has created for our non-profit organization and the expectations and traffic has already out performed anything that was previously listed within the first 2 weeks of going "live"! Cheaper, creative and more valuable then a full time site designer with almost guaranteed online business traffic success. Honestly, how can you afford NOT to have Fat Media create, edit or support your online business site?

Maria M Business Recruiter & SCFS Volunteer http://www.secondchanceforstrays.com
One of the main things that sets Rob apart from most web developers is the fact that he takes pride in his work. I've worked with Rob on many projects and each one he's helped me with has been given the same amount of attention for detail and quality. As a front-end designer, I rely on developers and Rob is my #1 choice for high quality work. You won't go wrong with FAT Media!
Jesse Freund Owner of Hemlock Media http://hemlockmedia.com
FAT Media never fails to over deliver on our projects. Their attention to detail is 2nd to none, and their personalized service keeps us coming back for more. Our clients love them, and so do we!
Chris Veit CEO of EyeQ Studios http://eyeqstudios.com